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"Spread love everywhere you go" - Mother Teresa

Posted by kmhanc01 on September 30, 2013 at 6:20 PM

On Saturday, Sept. 28th, I participated in the 3rd annual Art in the Park, hosted at Brownsboro Park Retirement Community in Louisville, Kentucky. This was my second year participating as a vendor, and I'll definitely be returning again next year! Although I had many, many positive experiences this year, I'd like to share a very special one with you all.

A little over a year ago, I painted a galloping horse that was symbolic for my life at the time. The horse symbolized overcoming chaos and negativity while always looking towards the future. I painted this horse during a difficult time of uncertainty my family was experiencing, and it was almost a form of therapy for me. It was difficult for me to express my emotions with words, so I decided to express my thoughts on a canvas.

When Art in the Park rolled around last year, I was torn as to whether or not I should try and sell this particular painting. Although all of my paintings are special to me in certain ways, this particular one was very meaningful, and something I couldn't imagine parting with. At the very last minute, I decided to display my painting at my booth, and see if anyone asked to purchase it -- secretly hoping that no one would be interested. Right before I began to pack up my things to leave for the day, a certain young man walked by my booth a few times, glancing at my work. Finally, he stopped and talked to me.

He appeared extremely anxious, and I realized that he was actually involved with an art by autism booth at the fair. He quickly mumbled out that he wanted to buy my horse painting. With a decent-sized dagger to my heart, I agreed and accepted his payment. Before I wrapped it up and handed it to him, he nervously asked me what this painting symbolized and why I decided to paint it.

I was caught off guard. No one had ever asked me that question, and I was beyond happy that he took such interest in the purpose of the painting. Without going into the micro-details of my difficult time, I gave him the same vague explanation I previously shared with you all. I could tell that he was truly listening to what I had to say, and I know that he understood the symbolism the painting contained for me. The dagger was slowly removed from my heart, and I felt a sense of calm and connection to the man buying my painting. It was an awesome experience, and I will never forget it.

This weekend, at Art in the Park I had my eyes peeled for that same customer. And what do ya know? Right before I packed up my things to leave, he stopped by and bought another painting. I told him I remembered him from last year, and he gave me a quick, nervous smile. If only he knew just how much he impacted me that day. Seeing him this year for a second time was the highlight of my weekend.

By painting my love and emotion onto a canvas, I not only expressed my difficult emotions, but also passed the lesson learned from my difficult time on to someone else. Painting and "selling" my creations at art fairs can mean so much more than mere business. I will continue to paint with passion because, as Mother Teresa said:

"Spread love everywhere you go."


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